Ciscos story

“Growing up, my parents were heavy into God but I saw it as an excuse to escape the reality of our troubled home.”
“I started out young with gangs and drugs,” he shared with us. By 18 Cisco had committed an immeasurable amount of crimes and barely passed high school. His parents tried to pull him into church activity but he wanted to do what he wanted to do instead.

By 21 he was fully involved in Prison Gangs and did work for them on the inside and out. All his 20’s were spent in and out of jails and on Meth, the up & coming drug. At 27 he finally landed himself in prison & honestly, wholeheartedly reached out to God & fully separated his life from his old one.

Shortly after he was paroled to the Dream Center in Phoenix and was able to start anew again. That’s where he met his bride and mother of their kids. They have since moved to Louisiana & been able to put roots down at a great life giving church.

For 3 years Cisco is living his life in ‪#‎freedom‬. Cisco and his family have experienced ‪#‎restoration‬. Cisco is living out his ‪#‎purpose‬.

The lost and addicted are worth fighting for and investing in. We will keep fighting to hear more stories like this! ‪#‎rpm828‬


Jared Mizell's Story

No one sets out to be a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a thief. Those things don’t just occur, they come from years of choices steeped from pain, neglect, wanting to feel something real or just plain curiosity gone awry.  Jared’s story is made of it all. He hit what he felt was rock bottom at 18 & asked his parents to send him to rehab.

He thought it was the end but the next four years were as he explains, “unable to put into words- a nightmare- in and out of jails and treatments centers”, the lowest of his lows. And then that Sunday morning happened when he snatched the last purse he would ever snatch again. Arrested, left in jail by his family, and in the deepest kind of desperate one could possibly feel.

Three months and in the midst of his darkest hours and hardest points in life, he found it in his heart to finally talk to the God he had been mad at for all those years. “God I need help and if you are real and all the stories I heard about you growing up are true can you help me, can you heal me, can you forgive me?”  I suppose deep desperation was the answer because what happened next was an awe-inspiring God moment. “I was a different person after that prayer,” Jared says.

That was 6 years ago. Jared is now married & has his first child, Mylan, after a song that he rehearsed repeatedly in jail. “God is the same yesterday, today & forever. If you need help ask Him and see what he will do for you too.