Chad Dinkel has been at the forefront of addiction ministry since God radically changed his life in 2001. Since that moment he has volunteered countless hours to minister to the addicted and has been instrumental in growing New Beginnings, the addiction ministry at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. His passion was stemmed after realizing the value people have even though they may be stuck in a hard place in life.

Chad’s motto, never throw a person away, has driven him every day as he seeks to go after the ones who are considered lost causes, often forgotten by their families with little hope of redemption. He believes even the most impossible cases are worth fighting for.

Chad and Angel Dinkel live in Baton Rouge with their two sons. They are thankful to serve those who are hurting, bound and addicted, and hope to continue their efforts in an expanded territory as they fight against lives being destroyed by addiction and poor life choices.